Chapter 24: A blank space between us


After a long vacation, both Aria and Jay had a lot of pending work to catch up on. Despite being busy, they made sure to talk on the phone before going to bed. Their relationship was going smoothly, and they took care of each other.

One day, Aria planned a get-together with her college friends, and they all met at a resort. She reunited with her best friends from college, and they had a great time catching up after eight years. They laughed, enjoyed each other's company, and shared their life stories, including their struggles.

When Aria's friends found out that she was in love, her friends teased her and Aria blushed. One of her best friends asked Aria for more details about Jay out of curiosity, and Aria told them everything she knew. That's when Aria realized that she only knew about Jay from what he had told her. Aria had never met anyone directly in Jay's life, such as his parents or friends, and she wasn't even sure if Jay had any siblings.

Jay and Aria have been in a relationship for 9 to 10 months. Jay has opened up to Aria about a traumatic experience from his childhood, but other than that, he doesn't talk much about his family members, friends, or colleagues. On the other hand, Aria is an open book and has introduced Jay to all the important people in her life.

a woman with a pain drawing illustration by feel good stories fun
a woman with a pain drawing illustration by feel good stories fun

Aria left the place by evening and headed back home. Jay thought of meeting her that evening, but Aria said that she was tired, Jay missed her so he already came to her home but she refused to meet. Jay video-called her but she disconnected and dropped a text saying that she is knackered and needed some sleep. Jay was worried and asked if she needs any medicine or anything but she said no and sent a good night message.

To be continued..

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