Chapter 34: The Fear Factor - Where is TIM?


Jay, hope in his eyes, locked onto the guy and said, "CALL HIM NOW".

The guy grasped Jay's sincerity and determination, so he replied, "Alright," and dialed the pilot's number. But the pilot didn't answer, so he turned to Jay and said, "Samuel's the pilot, and I tried calling him, but he didn't respond." It was clear from their expressions that all three of them were growing anxious.

In an attempt to calm them down, he added, "Sam and Tim might be tied up with something important; they'll call us back." But before he could finish his sentence, his phone began to ring, sparking hope in everyone's eyes. He looked at the caller ID and exclaimed, "It's Samuel!"Jay immediately said, "Put it on speaker." That guy put the call on speaker and said, "Hey, Sam, what's up?"

Samuel replied with a shaky voice, "Pat, why did you call?"

Pat realized the situation and asked, "I know you're listening on speaker. Who's that?"

A deep, ominous laugh echoed from the other end of the line, as if a devil was mocking them. The person on the phone said, "Oh, dear Pat, you're a genius. It's me, Kendrick. Where the hell is Tim?"

Pat was confused and questioned, "What do you mean? He went to meet you with Samuel. Now you have Samuel and are asking me for Tim? That doesn't make sense."

Kendrick, with anger in his voice, snapped, "Don't play petty games. I was waiting for him at the Aerodrome to welcome him." Before Kendrick could finish his sentence, Samuel screamed, "Pat, they were waiting to kill Tim!" Kendrick lost it and threw a punch at Samuel. The angry breathing and the sound of the punch sent shivers down Pat's and the others' spines. In a furious voice, "Pat, bring him to me, or else Samuel will die in my hands. Not just Samuel, but everyone related to Tim will have a painful death."

Kendrick disconnected the call and threw the phone against the wall, shattering it into pieces and shutting it off. Anxiously, Pat tried to call back that number, but it was no use.

Abusing a man by punishing
Abusing a man by punishing

Jay asked, "What's happening here?" Pat didn't reply and began to analyze what might have happened. Cathy then asked, "What do we do now?"

Pat, growing frustrated, shouted at the three of them, "Shut up, I'm thinking. If what Samuel said is right, then where could Tim have gone? Why was Kendrick planning to kill Tim even before he landed? There are so many complications I need to consider, so just stay quiet for a while."

Meanwhile, Pat made calls and tried to figure out what was going on. He informed all his gang members about the call with Kendrick and decided to confront him and help Tim if necessary. Pat gave his number to Jay and Cathy, instructing them to go back home and stay safe until he called back. Jay said, "Yeah, both of you go home."

Pat looked at Jay and asked, "What about you?"

Jay replied, "I'll come with you."

Pat sighed and argued, "To where?"

Jay responded, "Wherever you're going to find Tim."

Aria interrupted them and said, "Yes, I'll also come with you." Cathy, Jay, and Aria began arguing about who should go.

Pat calmly said, "Alright, I'll take you all and throw you into Kendrick's den so you can all die there happily."

Everyone became silent, and Pat continued, "Look, I know you're worried about Tim, but don't become a burden to him by rushing to the enemy's place. He might have a plan and be fighting. Leave all the dirty work to us and trust me. Jay, can I entrust these two girls to you? Can you take care of them until we contact you back?"

Jay silently nodded. Pat then said to Jay, "By the way, Tim doesn't have any friends. He once told me that there are only two people in this world who matter the most to him." Looking at Aria and Cathy, he added, "So, I'm giving you the responsibility of taking care of those two people. Don't mess it up."