Chapter 4: Curious about you


Aria took leave from work as she didn't have any interest and planned to finish all the small works that were pending because of her robotic life. Getting out of the lift of her apartment, she remembered yesterday's incident and why she called him a flirt.

After a couple of errands, she visited the bank to alter the details of her account. The work is completed smoothly and she was about to leave, she couldn't help but notice Jay talking to some managers of that bank. She didn't know his name or anything else about him and she never thought that she will meet him again. There was just something about him that intrigued her.

He walked out of the bank and suggested his driver to go home by taxi and he will drive back home by himself later. He took the keys and started walking outside. Without thinking too much about it, Aria started to follow him at a safe distance. She watched as he turned down side streets and made his way through the bustling city, all the while completely unaware that she was following him. She was thinking " Why the hell he is walking in daylight like this and why the hell i am following him". Jay didn't like to go home and whenever he gets time he walk for a while and spend time alone, so while walking down that street he was not observing anything or listening to any noise, he was just walking empty minded.

Jay turned into an alleyway and disappeared from sight. Aria hesitated for a moment, wondering if she should turn back and head home. But her curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to follow him into the alley. He entered into the small cafe and she followed him but Jay didn't seem to notice her, so she sat down a few seats away from him and ordered a coffee.

For the next few minutes, Aria sat there quietly, watching Jay and listening to his conversations with the waiter, he was smiling. That smile was so pure and beautiful, then she remembered that he was faking his smile at the bar.

After finishing his drink, he went back walking towards the bank, Aria was curious and confused about him but then decided to head back home as she didn't wanted to follow a stranger anymore.

When Jay reached his car and about to open the door, he got a message saying " This lady was following you for 2 hours" and that person sent picture of Aria. He keenly observed for a second and remembered her, then Jay texted him back asking where that girl is now, that person replied telling she went back as soon as Jay reached bank. Jay was excited and told that person " I know her and don't worry about her".

a person with a phone in front of a picture of women
a person with a phone in front of a picture of women

To be continued..

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