Chapter 9: The unfolding heart


It is overnight, Jay and Aria knew it was time to start heading back home. The wind was cool on their faces, and the sound of the motorbike engine drowned out all other noise. They were both wearing helmets and leather jackets, which kept them warm and protected from the elements.

As they rode down a winding road, Jay suddenly pulled over. Aria looked at him quizzically, wondering what was wrong. Jay pointed to a small ice cream stand a few feet away from the road.

"Let's get some ice cream," he said, a smile on his face.

Aria laughed in surprise. "Are you serious? Ice cream in the middle of a motorcycle ride?"

Jay nodded. "Why not? Life's too short to pass up on ice cream."

Aria grinned and followed Jay to the ice cream stand. They both ordered their favorite flavors and sat down on a nearby bench. The ice cream was cold and refreshing, and it felt good to take a break from the long ride.

As they ate their ice cream, they talked about the amazing sights they had seen on their trip. They reminisced about the beautiful landscapes and the thrilling moments they had shared on the motorbike.

Jay questioned Aria "By the way, why did you asked me for trip suddenly yesterday? I was confused at first"

Aria replied with gentle smile, " I thought small trip is required for you, to feel yourself"

Jay didn't know what to say, he remained silent. Aria continued "One of my friends used to say, if you want to know a person better then you should go on a long trip. So I thought this would be the better opportunity for me to know you"

Jay was surprised by her words and responded "Then what did you know about me"

Aria laughed and said "Still I need to go long way to know you. You are too reserved to understand"

After finishing their ice cream, they got back on the motorcycle and continued their journey. The moon is up, and the sky was filled with stars. The air was crisp and cool, and they could feel the wind in their hair.

As they got closer to home, Jay started to feel a sense of sadness. He had enjoyed spending time with Aria on the motorbike trip, and he didn't want it to end.

When they finally arrived at Aria's house, Jay parked the motorbike in the driveway. Aria took off her helmet and turned to face Jay.

"Thanks for an amazing trip," she said, smiling at him.

Jay smiled back. "Thank you for planning all these and coming with me. I had a great time."

They looked at each other, both reluctant to go. But eventually, they need to go because both have their own world to take care of.

"I'll call you tomorrow," Jay said, as Aria walked towards her front door.

"Okay," Aria replied, turning back to give Jay a final wave.

Jay watched as Aria disappeared into her house. He felt a sense of sadness, knowing that the trip was over and he ignored his dad's text message earlier so he knew the day isn't gonna be good.

But he also felt a sense of gratitude for the time they had shared together. He knew that the memories of the trip would stay with him forever.

Aria is depicted as someone who always responds quickly but avoids arguments when others do not reciprocate. Early morning, she received a "good morning" message from Jay, and she responded immediately. She later asked him what he was up to, but he did not reply for two days. Despite this, Aria did not call or text him again. The huge fight broke at Jay's house, Jay was busy in arguing and work around him so he was offline for two days.

Guy and girl sitting alone and watching sunset anime
Guy and girl sitting alone and watching sunset anime

Jay apologized for his intermittent responses, but Aria supported him despite his sudden disappearance. On a Saturday, Jay reached out Aria and asked to meet, so they met at a park. Upon seeing the disappointment in Aria's face, Jay apologized, but Aria explained" I am not upset because of your late replies Jay, but if you explain your reason then it would be fine. It feels like you won't trust me enough to share your burden. I feel hopeless for not helping a friend who is going through a hell"

Jay sat across from Aria, feeling a knot in his stomach as he prepared to tell her everything. He had never shared his entire life story with anyone before, but something about her made him want to open up. He took a deep breath and he began to recount his childhood filled with neglect and abuse, the struggles he faced as a young adult, and the mistakes he made along the way. As he spoke, Aria listened with compassion, holding his hand and offering comfort when the pain became too much. It was a relief to finally share his burdens with someone who understood, and Jay felt a sense of catharsis as he finished his story. Looking up at Aria, he saw only acceptance in her eyes, and he knew that no matter what happened next, he had found a true friend.

To be continued..

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