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Hi, I am Adithya,

I noticed your Instagram post about sharing heartfelt stories. I'm not sure if my story fits, but maybe it could help others like me.

While I was growing up as a kid, I always felt kinda awkward about how I looked. The whole pressure to match up with society's idea of what's good-looking was really suffocating. Whenever I looked in the mirror, it seemed like I was always unhappy with what I saw, and I was trying to fit in. When I was in high school, people said mean things and made fun of my body. The stuff they whispered and laughed about hurt deep, and it made me feel really bad about myself. The world felt pretty harsh, like my value was only based on how much I weighed.

One day, I was flipping through fashion magazines and found this article about loving your body. The words really hit me, and it made me want to challenge the negative thoughts I had about myself. Somewhere inside me, I found a small determination to fight back. From that day, I've been diving deep into fashion, and it's a surprise for me to know that I have discovered my interest in various fashion trends and styles, little did I know, this whole experience would show how strong I am. Why should dresses and fashion only cater to fit and sexy body type? They should embrace all kinds of body shapes and sizes, don't you think? I started trying out different styles, picking clothes that showed off my personality instead of hiding what I thought were flaws.

Trying out different fashion styles kind of became my way of feeling better. I realized fashion isn't just about fitting in; it's about showing who you are. Every outfit I tried gave me a bit more confidence. It could be something simple like a t-shirt and jeans or something really bold, I found out fashion was a way to show who I am.

As I started to embrace my own style, I noticed something changing in how I saw myself. Those hurtful words still hurt, but they didn't control me anymore. I made sure to surround myself with positive people, both online and offline, who helped me believe in myself even on tough days.

College was when things really turned around. With my newfound confidence, I decided to share my story on social media. The response was amazing. People who had been through similar struggles reached out, saying my journey inspired them. This unexpected connection pushed me to keep spreading the idea of loving yourself and your body.

In a world all about crazy beauty standards, I got strength from changing what "beauty" meant for me. Through fashion, I challenged the idea that only one type of body is worth liking. I wanted to show that different styles could look great on all body shapes and inspire others to feel the same way.

My journey from doubting myself to loving myself is still going on. Fashion is like my shield, helping me walk confidently in the world and embrace every part of who I am. The scars from being shamed for my body are still there, but they remind me of how strong I am. Every time I look in the mirror, I see someone who didn't just go along with society's rules and chose to love themselves, no matter what.

In a world that keeps telling us to fit in, my story shows how important it is to accept and express yourself. Fashion became my way to love myself, and it helped me change the story I used to believe. As I keep showing off my unique style, I hope it encourages others to be themselves and love their own skin too.

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