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UI Interaction Designs

Project: WeCare Daycare App UI Design

About WeCare Daycare:

WeCare Daycare is an innovative startup dedicated to providing after-school care for children, ranging from infants to high schoolers. Understanding the demands on urban parents, WeCare Daycare offers a comprehensive service that includes picking up kids, engaging them in activities, and ensuring their well-being until parents are available.

Project Brief:

WeCare Daycare approached me to design the user interface interactions for their new app. The primary challenge was that the app was being developed from scratch, with only conceptual ideas for each page.


To tackle this project, I engaged in thorough discussions with the WeCare Daycare team to understand their vision and requirements. I then prepared a detailed sitemap to outline the app's structure and began designing the pages and interaction nodes between each element and page. This methodical approach ensured a cohesive and intuitive user experience, aligned with WeCare Daycare's innovative service model.

Project: Bike Connect

Project Brief:

The Bike Connect app enables users to connect their bike's Bluetooth to their mobile device, providing access to detailed information such as bike ride data, travel history, and fuel history.

My Role:

I was responsible for creating wireframes, as well as low-fidelity and high-fidelity designs for the app. This project required extensive research and thoughtful consideration of how users navigate through the app, transitioning smoothly from one page to another.

Low Fidelity ui ux design swathi A
Low Fidelity ui ux design swathi A
High Fidelity ui ux design swathi A
High Fidelity ui ux design swathi A

Insights and Learnings:

Collaborating on this project deepened my understanding of designing interfaces that align with both client preferences and user needs. It reinforced the importance of user-centric design and the balance between functionality and aesthetics. The process was not only intellectually stimulating but also enjoyable, further igniting my passion for UI/UX design.

Responsive Web Designs

Project: Feel Good Stories

Feel Good Stories approached me for a comprehensive web design and logo graphic design project. They desired a vibrant and unique style for their website, departing from the conventional models.

Scope of Work:

Color Palette Selection: Assisted in choosing a bright and appealing color palette that reflects the essence of Feel Good Stories.

Design and Navigation: Developed a distinctive design and intuitive navigation structure to enhance user experience.

Responsive Design: Created a responsive website that functions seamlessly across all platforms and devices.

The result is a website that not only meets their needs but also stands out with a unique and refreshing aesthetic.

Web design by swathi A
Web design by swathi A

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