pink and white flowers on white surface

Unseen Love by Swathi A Udupa

Motherhood is an eternal role, and the bond formed during pregnancy is its first chapter. This bond is a testament to the enduring nature of maternal love, a love that begins even before birth and continues to grow with each passing day. It is an unseen and unbreakable connection that stands as a testament to the profound relationship between mother and child. This poetry is for my love that I am carrying now.

So This is how it feels to be in love with a person without seeing them..
Your touch makes me feel like I am alive,
The thought of meeting you makes my heart flutter.

I dream of your tiny hands gripping mine,
and your first smile lighting up my world.

Your heartbeat echoes with mine,
a ecstatic and harmonious song.

A tiny life growing, filling me with cheer.
With every kick and flutter, you remind me you're near.

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