Weight / Mass Conversion

Weight/ Mass Conversions

Experience Effortless Weight Conversion with our Online Calculator - Easily convert between various weight units, including metric and imperial measurements, with our user-friendly Weight Converter tool. Select the 'from' and 'to' units from dropdown menus, input your value, and get instant, precise conversions. Copy your results to the clipboard for quick reference. Our tool is designed for simplicity, making complex weight conversions a breeze. Try it now for a seamless conversion experience!

Welcome to our online weight conversion tools!

Mass Conversion Instructions

  • Scroll through the page to locate the desired unit for the converted weight or mass.

  • The first conversion tool consists of conversion between tonne, kilogram, gram, milligram, microgram, imperial pond, us ton, stone, pound, ounce.

  • There are other multiple types below, choose from one of the five available weight categories: metric, troy, avoirdupois, apothecaries, or other specialized units.

  • Specify the particular unit you want to convert from within your selected category.

  • Input the quantity of units you wish to convert.

  • Click the "Calculate" button.

Metric Weight: You can convert from units such as micrograms, milligrams, centigrams, decigrams, grams, dekagrams, hectograms, kilograms, and megagrams (metric tons) to any other weight category.

Troy Weight: Convert from grains, pennyweight, ounces, and pounds to any other weight unit.

Avoirdupois Mass: Convert from grains, drams, ounces, pounds, short hundredweights, short tons, long hundredweights, and long tons to any other weight category.

Apothecaries Mass: Convert from grains, scruples, drams, ounces, and pounds to any other weight unit of your choice.

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