Chapter 36: The Secret Operation


Tim was beaming with pride as he declared, "This time, I won."

Aria, Cathy, and Jay exchanged puzzled glances and turned to Pat. Pat, equally shocked and excited, couldn't hold back and blurted out to Tim, "Really? How? You didn't tell us anything! We would have joined you."

Aria quizzically questioned Tim, "What do you mean, papa?"

Tim, looking at his daughter with a relieved expression, explained, "Kendrick and I had a fierce fight, and it was intense. In the end, I got out free. The cops captured them."

Pat interrogated, "What do you mean, cops? How did you escape?"

Cathy, with a tense expression, asked Tim, "What actually happened in these two days? Please explain to us in detail."

Tim looked around at the tense and confused faces and sighed before saying, "Alright. I went to Kendrick to tell him I was retiring from this gangster life. He got pissed off and started threatening me."

Jay, with a burdened face, apologized, "I'm sorry, Tim. This all happened because of me."

Tim reassured Jay, "Me and my gang were planning for a long time, and I didn't go there because of your words or to fight him at first. I went there with other motives."

Aria, angry at Tim, questioned, "What is so important that you went to Kendrick and put yourself in danger?"

Tim then explained in detail, "I had 3 to 4 cops from Italy in contact who were not under Kendrick's influence and wanted to put a stop to his dark activities. They were working undercover and slowly planning to expose all of Kendrick's illegal activities in one strike. They suddenly called me four days back and asked for help finding Kendrick because Kendrick never met anyone, and no one knew his details. Kendrick only comes out to meet me. Our family was supporting his family because they were choosing bad people to kill. But after Kendrick took over, everything became corrupted, and all he wanted was power and money. That's why I was planning to leave his gang for a long time, and these cops gave me a chance."

Pat interrupted, questioning Tim, "But you said you wanted to attack him and take over."

Tim answered, "Yes, but through violence, people who work for me also get hurt. So I thought taking the cop's help would be better, as they promised to keep me out of the interrogation. But somehow, even before stepping into Italy, Kendrick knew my plan. He didn't know who I was giving information to, but he knew I was planning to catch him."

Tim continued, "Anyway, I provided solid proof and details of all his illegal activities. The cops immediately attacked all his locations, and I went to catch him directly. That's why I'm in this condition."

Two gang members fighting violently
Two gang members fighting violently

Cathy, in surprise, asked Tim, "Then what happened to Kendrick?"

Tim smiled and said, "We were in a neck-to-neck fight. I understood that Kendrick felt betrayed by what I had done because he trusted only me. I felt guilty for what I had done, but I also told myself that if I left him now, he'd ruin other's lives too. All I wanted was to keep him occupied until the cops arrived. The fight was intense, and he attacked me like a wild, mad bear with whatever he could get his hands on."

Pat, with a sparkle in his eyes, exclaimed, "I should have seen that fight."

Cathy and Aria looked at Pat and sighed. Tim then smirked and said, "At some point, no one could stop him. Then, in a critical situation, one of the cops took a gun and shot him in the head."

Aria and Cathy gasped, saying, "Oh my god."

Tim concluded, "So, the cops told me to run away without getting caught. That's how I ended up here with these half-treated wounds. In a critical situation, they encountered the mastermind of the Mafia."