Chapter 37: Echoes Of Emotions


The doctor stood outside the clinic, giving the group some privacy. As the four engaged in conversation about recent events, Jay wrestled with a mix of emotions that drained his energy. Silently, he left the room and expressed gratitude to the doctor for treating Tim without expecting anything in return.

Inside the room, Pat inquired about Sam's fate. Tim explained, "He's fine, I believe. A cop released him from the dungeon, advising him to run. Luckily, he isn't seriously injured and has connections in Italy, so we can trust he'll make it back."

Cathy interjected, "You could have called any of us for help, but you chose Jay!"

Tim smiled and recounted, "His business card was in my jacket. When he left my place, he said, 'No matter what you need or whenever you want to talk, call this number.' Testing him, I gave a vague address, but he found me and brought me here safely."

Cathy confirmed, "He was with us, trying to help for two days. However, Aria spoke harshly to him."

Aria, defensive, exclaimed, "What did I say? What he did was not correct!"

Cathy argued, "You misunderstood; Dad explained that's not the case."

Tim, confused, asked, "What did you say? Is that why he looked depressed?"

Aria deflected, "Nothing, Dad."

Cathy gently advised Aria, "You made a mistake, and it's better to apologize than hurt him. I know you don't want to hurt him."

Aria admitted, "Yeah, I don't want to hurt him, it was in the moment of anxiety."

Tim suggested, "Explain this to Jay, not us." Aria agreed and went to find Jay.

silhouette of couple under tree during sunset
silhouette of couple under tree during sunset

In the garden outside the clinic, Jay found himself lost in thought, trying to figure out the best way to approach Aria. He wanted to talk to her and reassure her but was worried about saying the wrong thing and upsetting her. Jay knew how difficult it was when Aria was upset, and he didn't want to add to her pain. As he pondered this, Aria noticed Jay from a distance, recognizing the sadness on his face, and quietly made her way over to him.

Jay turned, surprised, and Aria teased, "What's that expression, like you've seen a ghost?"

Jay struggled to find words and eventually said, "My heart called for you, and to my surprise, you appeared."

Aria smirked, "Cheesy lines even now?"

Jay nervously smiled, "No, it's true."

Aria took Jay's hand and apologized, "I'm sorry, Jay. You've been with me in my hardest times, and yet I was blinded by anxious thoughts. You became my happiest memories, and yet I asked who you were. Please forgive this dumb soul that ended up hurting your pure and loving heart."

Emotionally, Jay hugged Aria and said, "Thanks for understanding. I never meant to hurt you or your family. I didn't know my words caused all this. Sometimes I wonder if I deserve you"

Aria hugged him tightly, admitting, "It's not because of you, it was my mistake. You deserve it all. The love, The care, The happiness, The peace, The loving family, and The life."

They stood there, happy and emotional, realizing they missed each other amidst the chaos. Aria decided not to make decisions hastily in the future, and support Jay and love him unconditionally. They understood that they valued each other and shared the same feelings.

To be continued..

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