Chapter 17: Why should I?


Aria had convinced herself that Jay would treat her differently because of her past. Prepared for the worst-case scenario, she didn't have high expectations for their interaction. However, when Jay chatted with her as usual and made plans to meet at the park, Aria was confused by his behavior.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Is everything okay?" Jay asked. In response, Aria asked if he had memory loss problems, which caught Jay off guard.

"No, I'm perfectly alright. Why did you say that?" he replied. Aria then revealed that she had told him about her father being a gangster the day before. Jay nodded and said that he understood her situation. Aria was speechless.

Jay continued, "Everyone has their own burdens to bear, my dear. Take my situation, for example. It's pretty messed up."

Aria said, "Hey Jay, don't blame yourself for that. It's not your fault."

Jay smiled and replied, "Yeah, and it's not your fault either. You're such a brave girl. Even when you were alone or afraid that someone might be following you, you never showed it to others. You smiled, fought, and stood alone with your fate."

Jay continued, "All I could think yesterday was, why didn't I meet you sooner? I was inspired and amazed by who you are."

person sitting in a chair in front of a man
person sitting in a chair in front of a man

Aria was relieved by Jay's assurance and felt attracted to his unvarying attitude. Without being conscious of it, she started to smile at him, stare at him, and slowly fall in love with him. They talked about funny things and laughed loudly. For the first time in Aria's life, she felt transparent and wanted to open up about her life to Jay. Jay dropped Aria off at home, and as she was leaving, she asked Jay, "You won't leave me, right?" Her concerned voice and cute puppy eyes melted Jay's heart. Jay, with a naughty smile, asked, "If you don't want me to leave, I can come to your house."

Aria blushed and waved goodbye. Jay felt like time was running out when he was with her. He went home and eagerly awaited the chance to see her again. After meeting Aria, Jay had undergone a gradual change. He now spoke with people casually, smiled more often, and even enjoyed peaceful sleep filled with dreams of Aria.

To be continued..

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