Chapter 18: Beware of love


Aria and Jay grew closer day by day. It had been raining cats and dogs for a couple of days, so they hadn't been able to leave the house. However, they texted and talked on the phone for hours. One day, when the rain was a light drizzle, Jay went to Aria's home and asked her to walk with him in the rain. Aria loved the rainy weather, so she brought an umbrella and they walked together by sharing the umbrella.

Aria and Jay loved each other's company. They were walking on a street, no human around with cars halted on the side, enjoying the sound of the rain and the breeze. Aria was explaining her love for the smell of mud on rainy days and kept telling Jay about sweet moments she had in the past with rain.

As the rain started to pour harder, they decided it was time to head back home. As they are approaching Aria's home, she asked Jay about his memories of rainy days. His face turned sad, and he said, "Despite the seasons, I usually stay at home feeling angry, sad, or empty, I guess." Aria felt her heart shrink and said, "Alright then, from today, let's create lots of memories in all the seasons so we can tell our kids and grandkids many stories."

Aria then realized what she said, and Jay was shocked but gave a smile. She stood under the roof of her home and handed her umbrella to Jay. He stood in the rain in front of her with the umbrella and smiled. He asked her, "Is that a confession?" She blushed and asked him to leave. Jay firmly asked, "Would you like to spend your life growing old with me?"

Passionate kiss in rain under the umbrella
Passionate kiss in rain under the umbrella

She nodded with a cute little smile on her face. Jay pulled her towards him and hugged her. He said, "I love you too."

She smirked and told him that "I didn't say I love you."

He said, "Some love starts with other words like 'let's grow old together' rather than 'I love you'."

He leaned in and kissed her lips. They kissed passionately, forgetting about the outside world. They didn't notice that their legs were getting drenched in the rain and that some people were passing by, looking at their kiss.

After a long passionate kiss, Aria felt shy, and Jay whispered in her ear, "If you hold on for a little longer, I might end up staying here forever."

She blushed and released him, murmuring, "You're the one who pulled me." Then she added, "Now, go home. It's raining heavily, and the roads might be slippery. Be careful."

Jay was thrilled to see their relationship progress, and he smiled and said, "Alright, love, I'll text you."

The feeling of new love was a new experience for Jay, making him feel like he was on cloud nine. Even though Aria had several traumatic memories of love, she had hope, love, and trust in Jay. The question remains: Will their love story last or will it end up as the biggest lesson of their lives?

To be continued..

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