Blissful Euphoria

Chapter 1: Self love vs Hate myself

Aria is of average height with a lean and toned figure. She has long, curly dark hair that cascades down her back and striking green eyes. She has full lips and a radiant smile that lights up her face.

Aria grew up in a loving and supportive family, which helped her develop a strong sense of self-worth from a young age. She has always been passionate about art and design, and pursued a degree in graphic design after finishing high school. Aria has had a few relationships in the past, but none of them have lasted very long as she prioritizes her own needs above those of her partners. She respects elders and cares for friends but she expects the same from them.

She had routine life completing her work, meeting friends, returning to home having dinner and sleep. She is not a night owl who spends her time on phone but she is passionate about her interests and has a strong desire to succeed in everything she does.

Blissful Euphoria - feel good stories
Blissful Euphoria - feel good stories

Jay is tall with broad shoulders, a chiseled jawline, and piercing blue eyes. He has short dark hair that he styles effortlessly and a winning smile that can charm anyone. He dresses impeccably in designer clothes, but it seems like he puts no effort into his appearance, as if he wakes up looking that good.

Despite his striking appearance, Jay hates his life. He is constantly battling with depression and anxiety, which he keeps hidden from others. He feels trapped in a life that he didn't choose and often feels like he's living someone else's dream. He has a successful career in finance, but he hates his job and finds no joy in it. He has a lot of friends, but he feels disconnected from them, as if they don't really know him. He struggles with intimacy and relationships and has never been in love.

Jay grew up in a wealthy family, with parents who had high expectations for him. They pushed him to excel academically and in sports, and he did so to please them. However, he always felt like he was never good enough, and he struggled with feelings of inadequacy. He went to a top university and majored in finance, which his parents wanted him to do. After graduation, he landed a prestigious job at a big investment bank, which he thought would make him happy. But it didn't, and he's been miserable ever since.

To be continued..

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Chapter 2 : Was not so nice to meet you