Chapter 2 : Was not so nice to meet you


One of Jay friends brought him to the bar to meet couple of other friends. He was smiling in front of them but all he wanted was to escape from the crowd. As he sat there at the bar, nursing his beer, he couldn't help but cast a disapproving glance over at the group of girls giggling and clinking glasses in the corner. They were young and carefree, their laughter ringing out like a siren's call, but to him, they were nothing but a bunch of irresponsible party animals.

He watched as one of them downed a shot, her eyes closing in ecstasy as the liquid burned down her throat. It made him cringe. How could they be so reckless, so foolish?

He shook his head, turning back to his beer. He didn't need anyone else's company. He was content to sit here in silence, nursing his drink and silently judging the world around him. After all, he knew better than anyone else.

Blissful Euphoria - Chapter 2: Was not so nice to meet you
Blissful Euphoria - Chapter 2: Was not so nice to meet you

As Aria sipped her cocktail at the bar, her gaze wandered over to the group of guys standing in the corner, surrounded by a flock of giggling girls. They were loud and obnoxious, their laughter grating on her nerves. She couldn't help but roll her eyes at their juvenile antics.

Those girls were intentionally leaning towards Jay and trying to get his attention but he was giving fake smile and playing along with them. As Aria watched them It made her stomach turn. How could they be so sleazy, so desperate for attention?

She took another sip of her drink, trying to ignore the cacophony of noise coming from their direction. She didn't need anyone's validation or attention. She was enjoying her time with friends, and judging those who couldn't seem to act like adults. After all, she knew better than anyone else.

To be continued..

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