Chapter 11: Captivated by You


When Jay is with Aria, he becomes a completely different person. He is honest, humble, and speaks casually with her about everything, often smiling and using humor. As time passed, Aria found herself happy to see the real Jay and without realizing it, she began to slowly fall for him.

While Jay was on his way home from the bank, he noticed Aria talking to his dad. Jay immediately tried to call Aria, but she didn't answer when she saw his name on her phone. Jay was left feeling shocked, anxious, and curious about their conversation. After a while, Aria returned Jay's call, but he was caught up in a meeting. They agreed to meet in the evening instead.

When Jay saw Aria, his first question was, "Why was my dad talking to you this afternoon?" Aria was taken aback by his question and proceeded to explain that she needed the bank chief manager's signature for some paperwork. An employee of the bank directed her to the him, who was about to leave the bank. Aria clarified that if she missed him, it would cause a delay. She only learned that Jasper was Jay's dad when she saw his signature. Although Jay mentioned his dad's name before, he did not reveal that he was the chief manager of the bank.

Jay was little upset that Aria didn't asked Jay's help. Aria by laughing at Jay's expression and said "what kind of movies are you watching these days? Thriller?"

Jay understood her sarcastic comment and replied "I don't even have time to watch movies. It's just i was worried if my dad hurt you by being mean."

Jay's concern touched Aria, and she asked him to look for a nearby movie to watch. Excited, Jay promptly booked a ticket. However, since they had decided on the movie at the last moment, they ended up watching a boring one. After the movie ended, Jay and Aria decided to take a short walk before heading home.

Jay asked Aria, "What if we end up as strangers like what happened in the movie?"

Aria cracked a joke, saying "I would have to find another friend."

Jay, sounding disappointed, replied, "I would have to go back to my lonely life again."

Aria said, "Listen Jay, I don't care if we are friends, will become strangers or we might end up not talking anymore. If you need me at your darkest hour when everyone else is sleeping, you can call me. I will pickup and listen to your words or even if don't say a word, i will listen to your breathing or crying. I will always be there for you, no matter how our life goes and how we end up"

Men and women drowning and kissing passionately
Men and women drowning and kissing passionately

Aria continued, "Even if you are drowned in the deepest ocean, the minute I know about your struggles, I will be in front of you and bring you back to yourself."

Jay was captivated by her words, feeling a flutter in his heart. He took Aria's hand, and she looked at him with a puzzled expression. Jay leaned in and gently pressed his lips to her hand, causing a wave of Goosebumps to ripple across Aria's skin from the warmth of his breath and the softness of his lips.

To be continued..

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