Chapter 12: The way you entice me


When Jay kissed Aria's hand, she felt a rush in her heart and was rendered speechless. Jay then moved behind her slowly and whispered in her ear, "Your words always entice me. I've tried many times to control myself, but you know how difficult that is." As he finished speaking, he planted a kiss on her neck, and both of them were lost in the moment, oblivious to everything else. Unfortunately, their intense moment was interrupted by a call from Aria's sister. In a soft voice, Aria informed Jay that she needed to take the call.

Passionate kiss between strangers
Passionate kiss between strangers

Aria was speaking with her sister when Jay was shocked by his behavior, and wondered why he acted that way. Aria ended the call and told Jay that they needed to leave because her sister was waiting outside her home. Jay agreed and drove her to her house, but the car ride was filled with awkward silence and they didn't speak a word. Upon arriving at Aria's home, she informed Jay that she might be busy for the rest of the night because her sister is talkative and she wouldn't be able to be active on calls or messages. Jay was understanding and bid her good night, while Aria waved goodbye and went towards her sister.

Aria greeted her sister Catherine as she arrived home, saying, "Cathy, what a surprise! You should have given me a heads up."

However, Cathy looked at Aria suspiciously and questioned her, "Why would I need to inform you of my arrival when you're usually at home at this time?" She then asked, "And who was that guy that dropped you off earlier? Did I disrupt your date plans?"

Aria chuckled and clarified, "There's no date. He's just a friend. I only asked you to inform me because I didn't want you waiting outside in the cold weather."

After a lengthy conversation and meal, Cathy drifted off to sleep while Aria lay in her bed staring blankly at the ceiling. Her mind was preoccupied with a memory that she couldn't seem to shake off. It was the recollection of Jay, the man she had gone on a few dates with last week. Aria was usually prepared for the progress of a relationship, but she never expected Jay to kiss her, which sent shivers down her spine and caught her off guard, leading her to daydream.

Aria couldn't get that kiss out of her head. She still felt the warmth of his lips on her skin and the way he moved closer to her. Although it was a simple gesture, it had ignited something within her.

Shaking her head, Aria attempted to clear her thoughts. She knew she shouldn't get too emotionally invested in someone she had only recently started dating. However, as she gazed down at her phone, she couldn't help but wonder what Jay was thinking.

Jay, who was on the other end, felt a rush of excitement mixed with unknown emotions surging inside his heart. He replayed the moment in his mind repeatedly, attempting to comprehend his own feelings. Although he cared deeply for Aria as a friend, he began to wonder if there was something more between them. As he reflected on the memories they had created together over the past few days – the lengthy conversations, the inside jokes, and the moments of pure joy and laughter – he realized that Aria was always there for him to listen to his feelings, but she didn't share much about her past. Instead, she often talked about her present circumstances. Therefore, he felt compelled to reciprocate her kindness by being there for her in all of life's ups and downs.

It was all so confusing. Jay didn't want to risk ruining their friendship by making a move, but at the same time, he couldn't shake the feeling that there was something more between them. He lay there, tossing and turning, trying to make sense of his jumbled emotions.

To be continued..

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