Chapter 13: Between you and Me?


Jay didn't sleep the whole night, thinking about what to do next because he was unsure of Aria's feelings. He was afraid that something he said might hurt her. Amidst all of this, Jay forgot to mention to Aria that he would be out of town for a couple of days.

The next morning, Aria got ready for work, and to her surprise, Jay was standing outside her home holding coffee. He suggested accompanying her until she reached the office, and she agreed.

Aria asked "Why are you here"

Jay responded "I will be out of town for a couple of days because of some work, so thought of meeting you before leaving town"

Aria felt happy by his thinking and had awkward silence between them.

Jay looking outside said "I am sorry for what I have done yesterday"

Aria listened to him and didn't say anything. They reached Aria's office and Jay got down from her car. He smiled and said "Don't miss me much, I will be back before Saturday"

Aria chuckled and said "Alright, be careful on your way"

Jay was struggling to express his feelings to Aria, unsure of where to start or how to continue. He needed time to clear his head and sort out his emotions towards her. Same day evening, he decided to casually text Aria. Aria responded immediately as they both missed each other's company. Their conversation went as follows:

Aria: How was your day?

Jay: It was lovely because I saw you in the morning.

Aria: When did you become so cheesy?

Jay: I'm not sure. These feelings are new to me.

Aria: Okay.

Jay: Between you and me, I'm not quite sure what to call our relationship yet. But I miss your company, I'm intrigued by you, and I want you to feel at home whenever you're with me.

Aria: I don't feel uncomfortable around you, though.

Jay: I don't want to force or influence you, but I do want to walk, stay, and grow with you. I realized yesterday that I don't know much about you because I'm always the one talking about the past.

Aria: So?

Jay: So, I want to get to know and understand you better. I want to support you. Please let me get to know you, dear.

Aria: You might run away if you know me more.

Jay told Aria that she should share at least one past moment about herself per day. The conversation lasted for hours, and eventually, Aria agreed to share but with the condition that she would only do so when Jay was physically present.

Sad lonely anime girl
Sad lonely anime girl

Aria has experienced relationships in the past that began quickly and ended just as swiftly. However, Jay, who is the only man in her life, has expressed a desire to know and understand her better. Although Aria trusts Jay, she also has many deep-seated issues from her past.

The question arises whether Jay will truly stand by Aria through all the ups and downs, or will he ultimately end up adding to the scars from her past.

To be continued..

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