Chapter 14: Finding My Way to You


As Aria agreed, she began to share her past memories with Jay on a daily basis. Jay patiently listened to her stories, some of which were humorous, while others deepened his admiration for Aria. Despite their busy schedules, three days have already elapsed since they began this routine.

As Friday night descended upon the city, Jay made his way back to his home. He yearned to see Aria, but it was getting late, and he didn't want to disturb her personal time. He decided to wait until morning and sent her a message, asking if she was free to meet up.

The next day, Aria was busy with work and could only spare time in the evening. As she toiled away at her office, a colleague approached her with an invitation to her birthday party. Aria politely declined, explaining that she had plans to meet someone later that day. However, the colleague insisted that she bring a friend along, and Aria found herself agreeing to attend the party.

Without a moment's hesitation, Aria reached out to Jay and asked if he would be her companion for the evening. Jay readily agreed and offered to pick her up from her home. Aria didn't mince words as she warned him that it would be a wild night at a pub in the heart of the city, with the possibility of staying out late or even getting completely wasted.

Jay was excited at the prospect of spending the evening with Aria, even if it meant a night of debauchery. He couldn't help but wonder what the night would bring, as he eagerly waited for the appointed time to pick her up.

Meanwhile, Aria was getting ready for the night ahead, carefully selecting her outfit and applying her makeup with precision. She knew that all eyes would be on her, and she wanted to make sure she looked her absolute best. As she waited for Jay, she couldn't help but feel a sense of nervous meeting around her colleagues with Jay.

people standing on stage with blue lights
people standing on stage with blue lights

As they made their way to the pub, Aria and Jay chatted excitedly, because they have missed each other company for three days. As they arrived at the bustling venue, the noise and energy of the crowd washed over them, enveloping them in a sea of people. They greeted Aria's colleague and wished her a happy birthday before enjoying some beer and dancing for a while. Although Aria was pleased to see her friends and Jay getting along, but she suddenly noticed a few sets of eyes watching her every move.

She smoothly slid out from the dance floor, intentionally leading her followers towards the alley. Jay was searching for Aria and noticed from a distance that she was leaving, prompting him to step out of the crowd and follow her. However, Jay lost sight of Aria and eventually found her in the alley backside of the pub. He was shocked to see her at that moment.

To be continued..

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