Chapter 15: The way you shine


Aria noticed multiple pairs of eyes watching her every move, and without alerting Jay, she hurried towards a dark alley with the strangers closely following her. Once she reached the alley behind the pub, Aria scanned the surroundings to ensure that no one else was present and then asked the strangers why they were following her.

a man in a suit walking down a neon light street
a man in a suit walking down a neon light street

Meanwhile, Jay had been following Aria from a distance and had arrived at the alley to find her outnumbered and fighting what appeared to be a group of criminals. At first, he considered helping her, but his mind went blank, and he was frozen with awestruck. As he watched Aria fiercely punching the goons, he couldn't help but feel a sense of admiration and attraction towards her. Jay had fallen in love with Aria's kindness and coziness, but now he was witnessing a new side of her - brave and strong.

The sounds of the pub played in the background as Aria fought with swift and calculated moves, determined to win. Her black hair danced in the dim neon lights, looking like black fire to Jay, who stood in awe, mesmerized by the moment.

After Aria defeated the last of the goons, she turned to face Jay and was shocked to see him there. She asked him why he was there, and he stood there in awe of her amazing fighting skills, simply uttering "Wow."

Confused by his reaction, Aria took him out of the alley, holding his hand. Jay was excited and mesmerized by the events of the night. They arrived at his car, and Aria suggested they leave the area. Jay looked down at their hands and Aria realized she was still holding his hand. She quickly released it and Jay got into the car. Aria sat in the passenger seat and sent a text to her colleague, letting them know she was leaving the pub due to some personal business.

To be continued..

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