Chapter 28: The heat of disapproval


Aria let go of her worries about Jay and began to embrace him for who he truly is. She had confidence in Jay and didn't want to be a source of pressure in his life because Jay had accepted Aria's fate and stood by her through thick and thin.

A few days later, during a gathering of Jay's family members and relatives to celebrate a special occasion, some of the relatives started asking Jay and his parents about his marriage plans. Jay gracefully brushed off the question with a gentle smile, stating, "When the time is right, I will get married." Observing Jay's behavior, in the past few months, his parents were certain that he was in love. They also affirmed that they had no immediate plans for anything of the sort.

a painting of a family dinner table with a family
a painting of a family dinner table with a family

Jay believed it was the perfect moment to discuss about Aria with his parents. Once dinner was over, they all returned home, and Jay mustered the courage to initiate the conversation. He earnestly expressed his deep affection for Aria and emphasized the care she had shown him. When Jay's mother inquired about Aria's background, he provided a general overview without disclosing the fact that Aria's father was involved with a criminal gang. Meanwhile, Jay's father, Jasper, remained silent throughout the discussion, and Jay's mother glanced at him, searching for any reaction.

Jasper turned to Jay and remarked, "I know who that girl is and who her father is. Couldn't you have found a better girl than her?"

Jay and his mother were taken aback by Jasper's words. Jay stumbled over his words and asked, "What do you mean you know?"

Jasper replied, "Do you think I wouldn't keep an eye on who you're hanging out with? Do you think I wouldn't notice any changes in your behavior?"

Jay's mother inquired, "Who is this girl, and who is her father?"

Jay interrupted angrily, "So you've been spying on me, gathering information about your own son without even talking to me first? Don't I deserve some privacy?"

Jay's mother warned him, "Don't raise your voice when speaking to your father like that."

Jay seethed with anger as Jasper looked at Jay's mom and uttered, "Her father is a gangster, and who knows what he's scheming against us and our wealth by using his daughter."

Irritated, Jay snapped, "Don't speak about them that way. I was the one who loved her first."

Jay's mother chimed in, "There are plenty of businessmen's or Rich men's daughters and beautiful girls. Why would you choose a path that's not beneficial for our family?"

Jay retorted, "We don't get to choose our parents. Just like I had a traumatic experience with mine, she has a father who's a gangster."

Jasper sighed and added, "What? Traumatic experience, huh? So after all these years of raising you and putting you in a good position, you blame us now?"

In the midst of their heated argument, Jay remembered Aria's advice to take deep breaths whenever he felt panic or anger. He followed her words, taking a long breath to calm himself down, and then said, "Dad, Mom, maybe you should think about how you've raised me all these years. Despite my struggles, you never listened or understood my feelings."

Jay's mother interrupted, "What do you mean?"

Jay continued, "I didn't love her for money or her looks. She heals my soul, understands me, and listens to me. When I'm with her, I feel alive. Please give yourselves some time to reflect and think about us. Let's have this conversation again when you're both ready." With that, Jay left for his room, lying down on his bed, feeling drained of all the anger and anxiety.

As he lay there, Aria's message arrived, asking if Jay had reached home and how his day was. A small, relieved smile formed on Jay's face, and he thought to himself, "Maybe I need a little more time to make her mine."