Chapter 29 - Bound by Blood


Jay refrained from mentioning his arguments with his parents to Aria. Instead, he chose to dedicate his available time to Aria, cherishing every moment they spent together and etching those beautiful memories into his heart. The sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm golden hue across the tranquil meadow where Jay and Aria found themselves. As the gentle breeze played with their hair, they sat side by side on a rustic wooden bench, their hands entwined, fingers fitting together like the missing pieces of a puzzle. The soft melody of chirping birds and rustling leaves surrounded them, creating a symphony that echoed their love.

After a few days, Jay conducted some research on Tim and decided to pay him a visit. Upon arriving, Jay discovered Tim surrounded by three imposing figures who appeared to be muscular and tough. One of them even held a gun in his hand. Tim recognized Jay and motioned for the others to step aside momentarily. Once they were alone, Tim questioned Jay, asking, "What do you want?"

Feeling a mix of nervousness and anxiety, Jay responded, "I'm here for your daughter."

Tim observed Jay and reassured him, saying, "There's no need to be so tense. I'm not going to harm you." He gestured towards a chair and added, "Have a seat".

a man in a suit and tie sitting at a table
a man in a suit and tie sitting at a table

Jay attempted to remain calm, but an overwhelming sense of terror gripped him. It wasn't due to Tim's criminal background or the violence associated with him, rather, Jay was overwhelmed by the fact that Tim was his girlfriend's father. Jay mustered the courage to explain the tensions that lingered within his household and his parents' apprehensions regarding Tim's line of work. Tim, in response, exhaled audibly, weariness evident in his voice as he offered an explanation.

"Look," Tim began, his voice laden with a hint of resignation, "if I could just drop all of this, I would have done it the moment my daughters were born. But I can't. It's not that simple." He paused, contemplating the weight of his words. "What I can promise you is that I'll stay away and ensure I don't cause any problems for you and your family."

Jay, however, shook his head, his eyes filled with deep concern. "It's not just about the problems you might bring," he replied, his voice trembling slightly. "You are Aria's father, and she needs you. I want you to be there for her, to support her on her wedding day. Every girl dreams of her marriage and neither Aria nor I would be truly happy without your presence by our side."

As Jay spoke those words, he realized the gravity of the situation. He wasn't merely appealing to Tim's sense of responsibility, he was baring his heart, exposing his deepest fears and desires. The room fell silent, the weight of their shared apprehension hanging heavily in the air, waiting for Tim's response.

Tim gazed into the distance, his weary eyes reflecting a lifetime of turbulence. "For three decades now," he confessed, his voice tinged with a hint of resignation, "I've been caught in the relentless grip of this swirling whirlpool." His words carried a somber tone. "This is no mere child's game, my hands bear the indelible stain of bloodshed. Over the years, I have safeguarded the secrets of my identity and shielded my family members from the prying eyes of the world. And yet, despite all my efforts, there are those who persistently seek to inflict harm upon Aria. Considering this, can we expect a peaceful atmosphere if I were to attend her wedding?"

To be continued..

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