Chapter 6: A Journey of Connection


Jay had never felt comfortable talking to people and had always been nervous around strangers. However, for some inexplicable reason, he had stopped Aria at that moment. Aria had never experienced following someone and developing feelings for them without any prior knowledge about the person.

Neither Jay nor Aria had anticipated the intensity of their feelings for each other. However, they both desired to nurture their relationship. Although they were inexperienced in long-term relationships, they were determined to pursue their connection despite initial apprehensions.

When Jay asked for an introduction, Aria provided her name, place of residence, and occupation. Jay reciprocated by introducing himself in the same manner.

After a while, they exchanged contact information and parted ways. Aria went back to home, but she couldn't stop thinking about their conversation. She was happy to have met someone new and hoped they would keep in touch.

anime drawing love waiting for message
anime drawing love waiting for message

Over the next few weeks, Aria and Jay started to message each other regularly. They talked about everything from work to their personal lives. They even made plans to meet up again.

Their next meeting was at a local park. They walked around, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, and talked for hours. Jay felt like she had found a friend in Aria someone he could trust and rely on.

To be continued..

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