Chapter 7: Chemistry in Denial


They started texting each other more frequently and even made plans to hang out outside on weekends. However, despite their newfound closeness, they still maintained a sense of distance, hesitant to take their relationship to the next level.

While walking beside Jay, Aria feels a rush of exciting and unfamiliar emotions in her heart. She steals a quick glance to see if Jay is experiencing the same, but he appears to be walking casually and unaffected. This leaves Aria feeling disappointed and she wonders if she's the only one feeling this attraction.

Jay's problem is that when he walks on the streets, he never observes or listens to the outside world. He has been walking alone for a decade, so his mind is not accustomed to having someone beside him. This habit started when he was 18 years old, as his parents argued most of the time and had high expectations of their only son. One day, they were arguing loudly, and Jay couldn't handle the noise, causing him to feel anxious. He tried to stop the argument, but it only escalated. Jay eventually left home and started walking, but his parents didn't even notice him going outside. The noise around the world made him even more anxious, and he walked for miles without realizing where he was. He eventually became exhausted and sat on the side of the road, covering his ears.

The cop brought Jay back home, and as he entered, his mom and dad put on polite smiles for the officer. However, once the cop left, Jay's father scolded him severely. From that moment on, Jay and his parents grew distant, gradually becoming disconnected from the world around him. Although Jay did everything his parents expected of him, they boasted to others that he had money and many girls were attracted to him. In reality, Jay's heart was empty, devoid of any true emotions, and he was far from happy. He had acted many times in front of friends and relatives, pretending to enjoy the stay, but in reality, he was just going through the motions.

Blissful Euphoria - Anime drawing of Couple sitting at coffee shop
Blissful Euphoria - Anime drawing of Couple sitting at coffee shop

Aria and Jay stopped at a coffee shop. As she conversed with Jay, she couldn't help but notice his fake smile again. Aria realized that Jay was simply going with the flow and not really present in the moment. She asked if Jay owned a bike and he confirmed that he did.

She then proposed, "Let's go for a ride tomorrow evening and don't make any other plans."

Jay was puzzled and asked, "Where are we headed?"

Aria replied with a smile, "It's a surprise. I'll guide you with the roadmap, and you can drive."

To be continued..

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