Is Love Exaggerated


I am Neha, residing in Bangalore. The mere mention of Bangalore often conjures images of endless traffic jams, a topic that has inspired countless memes. Nevertheless, having spent three years in this city, I've grown to appreciate its cool and beautiful aspects. Of course, I won't deny the traffic situation, but it's worth noting that most IT companies are situated on the outskirts of Bangalore. Thus, those residing in the heart of the city truly get to savor the essence of Bangalorean life.

Today, I'm not here to share a story but rather to delve into my thoughts on relationships. My question to all of you is, "Is Love Exaggerated?" As a child of the '90s, I find myself grappling with complex and sometimes incomplete thoughts. Older generations seem to possess a clarity of purpose, while Gen Z navigates a world dominated by technology. For us '90s kids, it often feels like we're left with nothing but our thoughts.

I've experienced three love stories and subsequent breakups in my life. During our teenage years, everything seems adorable, and we revel in our puppy love. However, life has a way of teaching us harsh lessons as we grow older.

Our understanding of love is often shaped by movies filled with romantic and dramatic scenes, where the ending is always a happily ever after. But in reality, these are all bullshit, If we speak too much about it, we're accused of overthinking, and if we say too little, our emotions are suppressed. Observing these dynamics in my own life, I gradually distanced myself from love and affection. "I don't care about you, and you don't need to care about me" became my mantra. Subconsciously, I had started to view love as an overrated concept. Some seek modern love, others are content with casual flings, and some find themselves marrying their true loves. No matter how strong one's mindset may be, vulnerable moments arise where loneliness creeps in, and we long for someone to hold us and provide solace.

Amidst these conflicting thoughts, I realized that I was overthinking things. In this vast world, there must be someone meant for me, someone with whom I can find true love and grow old together. Several months later, I accepted the love proposal of a colleague, and we began our journey together. He was caring and affectionate, but an obsession with me started to manifest. I chose to remain silent, thinking it wasn't a serious issue.

Once our relationship became official at the office, he began questioning my interactions with other colleagues and constantly stared at me. Day by day, I felt distance from myself, and he started to manipulate my behavior according to his liking. At least I didn't feel this suffocated in my past relationships. Shouldn't love be about happiness, those cute, fluttery butterflies in the stomach, or have movies and dramas blinded us with a fantasy of love?

One Sunday, we went shopping in Malleswaram, a bustling shopping district. He was delighted, holding my hand, guiding me through the stores, and offering fashion advice for the office. I remained silent and followed his lead. As we walked down 8th cross, I noticed a girl alone walking in the opposite direction. Her fashion was odd but colorful, capturing my attention. She seemed entirely absorbed in her own world, clutching shopping bags, listening to music through her earbuds and munching on fried corn as she walked. It's unusual to see someone shopping alone in Malleswaram, where people typically come with friends or companions. In that very moment, it struck me deeply: who was experiencing true happiness? Was it the girl with no friends, no love, and an independent way of life, or was it me, surrounded by friends and love, yet feeling caged like a bird? Did her carefree existence signify freedom, or was it merely loneliness in disguise? Is love, in reality, overhyped?

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