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This story is of my friend but due to privacy issues, I am using an alternative name.

Once there was a girl named Kruthi, who had everything she ever wanted - a loving family, supportive friends, and a promising future. She was always smiling and cheerful, spreading happiness wherever she went. However, one day everything changed.

Kruthi's father, who was her pillar of strength and her hero, passed away due to a sudden heart attack. Kruthi was shattered, and the world seemed to have lost all its colors. She couldn't eat, sleep or focus on anything. Her friends and family tried their best to support her, but nothing seemed to help.

As the days passed, Kruthi's grief only deepened, and she started to feel as though there was no hope left in the world. She stopped talking to her friends, stopped going to college, and even stopped taking care of herself. Her mother tried to get her to see a therapist, but Kruthi refused.

One day, while wandering aimlessly on the streets, Kruthi met a homeless man. He looked at her with kind eyes and asked her if she was okay. Kruthi broke down in front of him and poured her heart out, telling him about her father's death and her overwhelming grief.

The homeless man listened to her with empathy and understanding. He shared his own story of loss and he explained to her just think for a while about who are around her at present and how much they are in pain without you. He continued, "People will die, even you and me or any living being in this world. So you should be grateful for those who are alive today and should remember the loved ones who passed away. Just give the pleasant memories to the people who are around you, so that even tomorrow when you die they will remember your sweet smile and warm vibes that you spread". He told her that life is tough and that we all face struggles, but it's important to keep moving forward.

Kruthi was touched by his words, and for the first time in weeks, she felt a glimmer of hope. She started to talk to her friends again and even went back to college. She started seeing a therapist and slowly started to heal.

A few weeks later, Kruthi was walking on the same street where she had met the homeless man. She looked for him, but he was nowhere to be found. She asked around, but no one knew where he was.

Kruthi realized that the homeless man had given her a gift - the gift of hope and the courage to keep going. She felt grateful for his kindness and wished she could thank him. But deep down, she knew that he had already done more for her than she could ever repay.

Kruthi promised herself that she would never forget the homeless man and the lesson he had taught her. She knew that life would never be the same without her father, but she was determined to keep moving forward, one step at a time.

Everyone lost someone in their life, and the pain and feeling of missing them will never fade away. But my dear friend, if you are sad and you are feeling pain then share it with loved ones and regain yourself, because the person who left this world wishes you happiness/ peaceful life.

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